Removing and Cleaning false eyelashes


Removing False Eyelashes

Be gentle!!

Your eye lids are sensitive, you risk pulling out your natural lashes, or damaging the skin.

1) Using makeup cotton pads or a cotton swab, immerse with remover oil.

2) Make sure the whole pad is moistened.

3) Apply the soaked cotton pad on the lashes near the lash line.

            Remove-1             Remove-2

4) Gently tap a couple times.

5) Let the cotton pad sit for about 30 seconds.

6) Pay attention to the glue, wait for a change in color or consistency.

7) Slowly and gently remove the false lashes starting from the outer corners. 

            Remove-3             Remove-4

Cleaning False Eyelashes

False lashes are usable if cleaned properly (especially if no mascara has been painted on it)

1) Place dirty eyelashes into container with remover oil.

2) Let eyelashes soak in remover oil for a minute or two.

            Clean-1             Clean-3 

3) Take each eyelash out using tweezers.

4) Use cotton bud to swipe the lash glue from the eyelash band.

            Clean-2             Clean-4

5) Gently press dry with a paper towel.

            Before-Cleaning-1             After-Cleaning-1