Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your eyelashes made in?

Our eyelashes are designed in Japan and made in China, Japan and Indonesia

Does Takeshe Eyelashes come with glue/adhesive

Yes, eyelashes comes with adhesive

What are Takeshe Eyelashes made of?

Takeshe eyelashes are made of synthetic or sterilized real hair depending on type

Do you accept telephone orders?

Takeshe currently only accept online orders

Do you accept custom / major bulk orders?

Yes, the majority of our non-online businesses are our brand products wholesale and OEM

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment throught paypal. For wholesales please contact us directly.

How do I cancel my order?

Simply contact us if the product has not been shipped. However once you received our notification that your order has been sent, the order cannot be canceled.

Can I refund my orders?

No, I am afraid we do not refund or exchange.

What is your shipping fee and return policies?

Please see our shipping and policy page here

Can I be allergic to the Latex glue?

Yes, there are a few clients who are allergic to latex. Please check before using. Non Latext Glue is available, I suggest to most clients if concerned to use this type of glue.

How do I remove the False Eye Lashes?

Please see our section at How to use false eyelashes here

How do I clean the old Glue of the Lashes once I have worn them?

Soak lashes for approx 1-2 minutes in Mentholated Sprits. Gently remove old glue with tweezers, and place in container in the correct left & right eye placement.