Materials and Type of False Eyelashes

Materials for false eyelashes

Materials and Type of False Eyelashes
Common Type of False Eyelashes
Type Materials Costs Characteristics
Fringe Weave Inexpensive Obsolete except in vintage use
Plastics and Silk Cheap Good for most occasions
Human Hair
Sterilized Human Hair Expensive Lighter, but more expensive
Fox Hair
Fox Hair $1000usd / lash Very light, natural without mascara

Most commonly used false eyelashes are synthetics, they are a combination of silk and plastic materials, inexpensive and often does the job well. Also you can easily start on another pair if you made a mistake trimming one. They are affordable and can be used up to and more than 4 times. Certain synthetics are quite dramatic, with very bright color and outrageous shapes for special occasions.

Human hair eyelashes are slightly more expensive. They are made from sterilized human hair, and are usually lighter, giving a more natural look. Differences may be most obvious in full set lashes. However for glamorous looks there is a greater variety of choices in synthetic types.

Fox hair lashes are ludicrously expensive. They are very light and natural looking, but generally above the price range of the average user.

Type of False Eyelashes
Individual Eyelash Example
Example: Individual False Eyelashes on outer eye

Type of false eyelashes
Shape Individual vs Full Sets
Size Small, Medium, Long
Occassions Natural, Glamorous, Dramatic
Extras Colorful, Rhinestones

The most basic classification nowadays for false eyelashes are individual lashes vs full set of lashes. Individual lashes, invented not long ago, are now the trend to provide a more natural look. They can replace only the lacking areas on the real lash, or stuck onto the outer rim to create more fullness. However, for more glamorous and exotic looks, or for convenience, sometimes full set lashes are more useful.

Full set lashes can be trimmed to your liking or preferred looks. So the same full set lash can have a very different look. They can be quite long in width for trimming, while some are shorter in width and more curved for smaller eyes.

Full set lashes can be short, or evenly uneven as to look natural. Alternatively they can be excessively long or colorful for a glamorous or dramatic effects. Some lashes are studded with Rhinestones to create a subtle glitter when done just right.

Tips: Many makeup experts use only the outer half of the full set lash on the outer half of the real lash for a natural yet flirty effect.